The Bulgarian Justiciary committee with Petar Nizamov starts a war against Norway for the Bulgarian children

Bulgarians don’t mess around when it comes to children and the family. The Association of Bulgarian Fathers and The Bulgarian Justiciary committee with Petar Nizamov have just started an initiative against the abusive actions by Norway’s Child Welfare System, Barnevernet.

This is the open letter.

To the Norwegian Embassy and the Norwegian Government.


President of the Republic of Bulgaria

EC Justice Department

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria

International Court of Human Rights – Strasbourg

Embassy of the Russian Federation

Embassy of the Republic of Poland

Embassy of Lithuania

Embassy of Estonia

Embassy of Latvia

Embassy of Romania

Embassy of Serbia

Embassy of Slovakia

Embassy of the Czech Republic

Embassy of Ukraine

Embassy of Hrvatska



The Bulgarian Justiciary committee with Petar Nizamov starts a war against Norway for the Bulgarian children

“Bulgarian Justiciary committee”
Tel..+359878999692, Burgas,Bulgaria, Gladstone 18
e-mail: [email protected]
[email protected]

“Association of Fathers in Bulgaria” UIC 177184090
53-55, tel .: +359 889890995, Sofia, Totleben Blvd.
e-mail: [email protected]

Dear Sir / Madam,

“Bulgarian Justiciary committee” and Association of Fathers in Bulgaria” are non-profit organizations set up to carry out activities in the public interest. The main goals of the organization are to help end the parental conflicts and protect the interests of the children.

The need for support at times such as divorce or separation is particularly necessary as precisely during this period the future relationship between parents is formed, which has an impact on shaping the child’s psyche. Our Organization, together with its “European Center for Conflict Prevention”, has the opportunity to provide such assistance in pending litigation under the CC and LPAA and international law.

The idea is in the form of counseling and mediation to put an end to the tension between parents, to provoke them to maintain a lasting and stable relationship, and to prevent the breakdown of their relationship, either in the form of divorce or separation, or at the very least, protect the rights and interests of the parties concerned, with the child’s rights and interests being the top priority.

In conjunction with the above, we are sending this open letter to the Norwegian Government with specific, ultimate requests:

  1. Restrictive measures have been taken in the territory of the State of Norway in relation to citizens of the Republic of Bulgaria and the EU with actions and omissions with which rights of birth have been withdrawn. We consider this to be absolutely inadmissible and unlawful as well as unconstitutional on the basis of the Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria and those of the EU countries. Any limitation of rights in respect of a citizen of the state of Bulgaria and the EU is an illegal act to the sovereign bearer of the responsibility and who has the responsibility for protection.

  2. It is absolutely inadmissible for the Norwegian State to take action against legally incapacitated entities that are unable to take action in their defense and to impose restrictive measures on them. The very interference of a state is condemning the ECHR, which has judgments of the CJEU and which are imperative, as extreme and unremitting to comment.

  3. From 23.07.2018. due to non-compliance with the principles of the European Union, we take the relevant measures for every citizen of the state of Norway who is legally incapacitated. The full necessity of the ECHR, protecting the interest of every child of Norwegian origin due to a breach of European law and the principles of the state of Norway, is in full force.

In conclusion:

For each detainee Bulgarian citizen and EU citizen, we begin to detain 10 Norwegian minors within the territory of the European Union by imposing immediate protection measures. The measures are described crystal clear in any legislation and are not subject to any discussion by a non-EU country, such as the state of Norway. The restriction imposes an Immediate Protection Order and is not subject to any appeal to a final Judgment of the court of jurisdiction and is accompanied by the imposition of a Police Protection measure, which is also an immediate procedure under Regulation 606/2013. including holding the face and handing over to the Prosecutor’s Office immediately!

The Bulgarian Justiciary committee with Petar Nizamov starts a war against Norway for the Bulgarian children

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